How To Become Emotionless 17 Ways To Become Emotionless

They put a kind of pressure on us to act and react in harmful, reckless, or unwise ways. Fired up by intense love, we want to run from it or jump headlong into it. Churned up by intense frustration, we want to punch bitcoin ad banned for ‘misleading pensioners’ the wall or throw in the towel. Lit up by anger, we want to hurt someone, anyone, even ourselves. When you get behind the wheel, you radically accept that a reckless driver may hit you no matter how well you drive.

Controlling your emotions allows you to determine when and how you process those emotions. When you suppress your emotions, however, they’re likely to explode out of you when you least expect it. litecoin cash how to claim This includes the possibility of remaining suppressed for years and then suddenly erupting at the dinner table in front of your in-laws. The real challenge, then, is to learn to deal with them.

  1. This can cause feelings of weakness, dizziness, tingling hands, and an overall sense of unease.
  2. See that box closing, then either visualize yourself stepping forward, away from them, or take an actual physical step.
  3. Try some easy yoga poses or advanced ones, depending on your level of expertise.

The moment you walk away from your conflict, you won’t be sparring with them, physically or orally. Similarly, apart from panic attacks, breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly will help you in that moment of anger. When you start feeling the rage burning through you, betting sites with bitcoin betting sites accepting bitcoin and you just want to smash someone’s face to bits, slow breaths will lessen your volcanic energy. Also, if you’re usually given to crying jags at the drop of a hat, practicing slow deep breaths can help. The feelings are beyond flight or fight responses to survive.

You may want to try other mind-based exercises instead because you won’t always be in a place where you can do a quick physical exercise. Being in any relationship means you’ll be leaving your heart open to feel emotions. Emotions range from positive ones such as happiness and fulfillment to negative ones like sadness and anger. See yourself an observer and not active participant in a situation that stirs your emotions. Watch the events in your life the same way you watch a movie.

Mountains like Everest have been standing for millions of years, and aren’t about to crumble when proverbial crap hits the fan. This is what you’re aiming to become in difficult circumstances. Whatever’s going on around you, let it fly around without disturbing you. Your response to this idea might be that it sounds easy in theory but not necessarily in practice. That’s mostly because techniques on how to do this aren’t taught in Western schools. If those around you see you looking neutral – without fear or any other emotion taking you over – then that will reassure them that everything’s actually okay.

Step away from your emotions.

Unless you’re in a room that’s absolutely packed with blue items, it’ll take you a few moments to locate five of them. In short, it forces you to bring your attention to your five senses by prompting you to look, touch, listen, smell, and taste certain things. Hopefully they can provide you with some ideas about how to adapt in difficult situations.

How to Be Emotionless

That way, you can use them as needed to help you through whatever difficulties life may throw at you. In times like this, being emotionless is one of the best possible options. Your storm of emotions can be dealt with once everything has settled and the dust has cleared.

Even in friendships, friends need to filter their negative thoughts to protect the other person from a raw display of strong emotions. However, when not managed properly, emotional outbursts can complicate things. If you are in a romantic relationship, it is usually hard to separate your feelings from your thoughts and actions. Hence, you’re bound to go on an emotional roller coaster at several points.

They’re poised to explode outward at any given moment, which will undoubtedly be a rather explosive situation. Once everything is cleaned up, you can go out to the garage and have a few rounds with the punching bag to let the emotions you controlled out again. Your ability to take a physical step forward will depend on the situation you find yourself in, of course. This might not be an option if you’re in a small space, or if you must remain seated for various reasons. To begin with, you might want to look around you and take note of five blue things you can see.

Is it easier (or better) to remain emotionless permanently?

Whatever situation you’re dealing with will pass, and you will inevitably end up in a different location. You won’t be in that accident area, courtroom, or confrontational situation forever. You’ll leave the area or make your way to a place where you’re more comfortable and less likely to have to deal with additional stressors. If you’ve sorted out triage – or whatever emergency measure needs to be tended to in this exact moment – then focus everything you have on that. For you, nothing else needs to exist except for what’s needed right here, right now.

This procedure, when repeated, will help slow down your racing heart and calm your nervous system. To stop feeling emotional and acting irrational, consider the following tips to become emotionless. Use a logical approach to your situation when you cannot dissociate yourself from it. Focus on facts and figures instead of hatred, anger or fear. Focus on reasons behind every action and avoid making judgment before looking at situations from all sides.

This is one of the techniques that can be used for going “gray rock” with a narcissistic abuser. No matter what they throw at you, refuse to react to it. Essentially, your goal is to become the equivalent of a lump of granite. Water and projectiles will crash against you and leave no mark. One can’t injure stone, nor will that stone freak out or cry in a crisis.

It’s a mini moment of mindfulness to pull you out of the fray. This tool can help by uncovering hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, and much more, potentially putting your doubts to rest. This tool will do just that and pull up any hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, and much more to hopefully help put your doubts to rest. Don’t allow your thoughts to wander and spiral about all the things that could possibly unfold from this moment onwards. Put your attention – and intention – into your feet, and feel an inner weight push downwards to ground yourself.

When this happens, you can expect there to be a surge of emotions that come forth, and that’s absolutely normal. Please don’t give yourself a hard time if you break down in tears or get waves of extreme anger or fear. Once those waves have passed, everything will be considerably calmer. Let’s say you walk in on your small children setting a fire in their bedroom to keep their pet warm. Your immediate response would likely be very, very loud, but that would inevitably end in trauma and subsequent howling from all parties involved.

Do you ever have trouble opening up to people?

Feelings provide information essential to thinking and relating. Eat properly so that your body will cooperate with your mind and reduce mental stress. Women eating junk are more likely to experience hormonal imbalances than women who eat healthily.

If you don’t feel comfortable with showing emotions in front of other people, take some time to yourself to work through them. Physical exercise like a run or a long walk can help to release the nervous tension that’s built up in your back and legs. This is from the natural “fight or flight” response to stress.


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